A recent survey revealed that 46% of employees are going to be in the search for a new high paying jobs opportunity in 2018. There are three reasons behind their willingness to be in job search? People are dissatisfied with their management due to: First, their management do not admit to making mistakes. Second, their management do not appreciate and recognize productive staff. Third, the fast-dramatic change in the region and globally, and its complicated impact on the political situation and employment. With so many redundant employees in job market, in addition to unhappy people looking for better opportunities, Consequently, if you are a job seeker, your job search will get three times as harder. Because of scarcity and shortage in opportunities, Job market is globally getting into very tough competition on job opportunities, job seeker must be very persistent and aggressive in his search. Consequently, job seeker must commit to do very hard work and dedication in task to find his dream job. Sending 20 or 30 application is not enough efforts to be to find a job. You must dedicate from your own time 2-3 daily for job search and submit applications. Statistically result, the more applications you send, the more better opportunity you get. I noticed some people apply to any job he/she find in his way, that is totally wrong; you must apply only to jobs that match your experience and skills. Should you need further information, you may visit my youtube channel at or our job-boards , ,